How long should I bake a 15 lb. turkey in the oven?!

Question: How long should I bake a 15 lb!. turkey in the oven!?
Here ya go and have a great Thanksgiving[email protected]@Com

For a 14 to 18 pound turkey you should cook it to about 3? to 4? hours if it's unstuffed and to about 4 to 4? hours if stuffed!. Although it's recommended that you cook your stuffing seperately!. also you'll know that it's cooked right once it's reached an internal temperature of at least 165 F!. Use a food thermometer to check it out!.

Sometimes a turkey will still look pink eventhough it's reached a temperature of 165, that's usually because of the natural chemicals in turkey meat that react to the heat!. So don't get too scared!.[email protected]@Com

I wanna say about 20-25 minutes per pound on 350 degrees!. So that would be about 5 hours!. When you think it is done, take a skinny knife and poke down to the thigh bone and see if the juices run clear!. If they are clear, the turkey is done!. If they are pink, put the turkey back in the oven!.

Try basting with a mixture of oil and orange juice (it won't come out tasting like an orange I promise!.) also put tinfoil over it to keep the skin from burning and to keep it from getting too dry until the last hour!. Then take the tinfoil off and let the skin get brown!.[email protected]@Com

If you bought it at the store, it should have baking instructions right on the package!. I would follow these!. The time will vary depending on whether you stuff it or not, just make sure you start thawing it a few days in advance, in the refrigerator, so it will be ready on the big day!.[email protected]@Com

roast the bird in a 325F (160C) oven for about 20 minutes per pound (500 g) or until juices run clear when turkey is pierced and when thermometer inserted into thickest part of thigh registers 180F (82C) for a stuffed turkey or 170F (77C) for an unstuffed turkey!. [email protected]@Com

5 hours at 350!. It's 20 mins per lb!. Use a meat thermometer and make sure the internal temp is at 170 degrees!. If you stuff the turkey make sure you add that weight to the turkey!.[email protected]@Com

Cook for approx!. 3 hours minutes or until juices run clear when pierced to the bone with a fork!. [email protected]@Com

its about 30 mins a pound!. anf if ya want pick up a pop up timer!.[email protected]@Com

it's supposed to me x minutes for x lbs!. go to the food channel web site and check out what your favorite chef says!.[email protected]@Com

as long as it takes for the little red needle to POP! J/K sorry have no idea!.[email protected]@Com

5 mins if ur asian[email protected]@Com

Rule of thumb 15 minutes per pound[email protected]@Com

my moms bake them about 20 minutes per pound(lbs)[email protected]@Com

ask Nader, he knows everything[email protected]@Com

As long as it takes to cook it!.!.!.[email protected]@Com

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