How to Cook The Most Tender Chicken?!

Question: How to Cook The Most Tender Chicken!?
i love chicken!

but i hate when its tough to chew, i love tender chicken that just falls apart in your mouth,
how can i make that at home!?
whats the secret!?[email protected]@Com

The best way to get tender chicken is to marinate it in something containing citrus or vinegar to break down the protein so it's not tough and then to cook it slowly!.

Balsamic vinegar, garlic and rosemary is a good marinade!.

Soy sauce, ginger and garlic is a great asian marinade!.

The easiest is to buy a bottle of italian dressing, dump it over the chicken and add a squeeze of lemon!. You should let the meat marinate for several hours for best results, then cook in the oven around 350 until no pink in the center (your time depends on the cut of meat)!. Delicious![email protected]@Com

Roasting a whole chicken at the right temperature with the right seasonings is one key!. People tend to over cook chicken!. One of my secrets is letting the product (whole chicken, chicken breast etc!.) rest at room temperature for at least 15 minutes prior to cooking!. When I cook chicken breast on the grill I like to tenderize them with a meat tenderizer and marinade them with several different types of seasoning and that is another secret to cooking moist chicken!. I have a few roasting recipes for chicken at:
http://www!.cooking-is-easy-and-fun!.com/R!.!.!.[email protected]@Com

Oh I love cooking especially for family and friends
they are my Critics :P
but What I find really To make sure chicken Tender and sweet and retains it's flavor is by slow cooking in a pressure cooker for half an hour or-so
and then adding it to some basmati rice in a pan with pre fried onions and sage and butter
it really locks in the moisture!
also a teaspoon of honey adds more to the flavor as well as helping to brown a lot faster!
I have always been successful at making chicken marinade
that's My secret Now Revealed =)[email protected]@Com

you should try cooking your chicken in a slow cooker, this process makes all kinds of meats very tender! Season it to your liking use some water or a lil can of chicken broth and let it cook in the slow cooker(croc-pot) for a couple of hours!.!.!.you will get exactly what your looking for!.!.!.if you don't own one its a great investment you can use it for multiple dishes, and they aren't expensive!.[email protected]@Com

the best chicken is to get a bottle of italian dressing and put ckicken and dressing in a skillet and cook for 25 minutes!. the freakin best! good eating![email protected]@Com

marinate it the frig overnight ///// !.buy the chicken marinate !.[email protected]@Com

I just tenderize mine with a meat hammer, and then season it and broil it very low!. Usually over an hour for boneless skinless breasts!. Tasty![email protected]@Com

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