How many cups are in 4 oz. of shredded cheese?!

Question: How many cups are in 4 oz!. of shredded cheese!?
1/2 cup!.[email protected]@Com

I can't believe how many americans are confused by this!. I can understand how foriegners get confused, but!.!.!.

Ok, an ounce is both a measure of volume, and a measure of weight!. But the two have nothing to do with each other!. Technically, when used as a measure of volume, it is called a fluid ounce!.

4 oz of shredded cheese is a weight, almost always!. This is because packages of cheese are sold by weight!.
1 cup of shredded cheese is a volume!.
You can't convert from one to the other, because they aren't measuring the same thing!.

It's like you are saying, "How many cubic feet are in a pound"!? The question doesn't make sense!.

If there was some standardized density for shredded cheese, you could have a formula to convert!. But there isn't, because types of cheese vary, and so does the coarseness of the grating!.

So, if a recipe calls for 1 cup of shredded cheese, shred until you fill up a cup!. Don't pay attention to the weight in ounces that is on the package!. Ignore it!.[email protected]@Com

I'm assuming that you are speaking of 4oz in weight not in volume!. 4oz in volume would be 1/2 cup!.
A piece of cheese that weights 4oz will yield 1 cup of shredded cheese!.[email protected]@Com

16 ounces is 2 cups!.!.so therefore 8 ounces would be 1 cup and 4 ounces would be 1/2 cup

1/2 cup of cheese[email protected]@Com

Shredded is not a packed tight measure, so rather than 4 oz!. that would normally be 1/2 cup, you will probably have about 1 cup!.[email protected]@Com

A cup contains eight ounces!.
4 oz!. is one half of 8--so it's half a cup!.[email protected]@Com

well, look at the bag it came in!.!.!. 8 oz is 2 cups so go figure!.[email protected]@Com

1/2 cup a cup is 8 ounces[email protected]@Com

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