What do you eat with fried fish?!

Question: What do you eat with fried fish!?
Just curious[email protected]@Com

my mom is from the south!.!.so we eat grits and pork and beans!. Mind you the grits have cheese in them!.!.lol!.!.YUMMY[email protected]@Com

The standard fish fry in the south where I live is your fish of choice, (whatever you may have caught today), cole slaw, hush puppies, green onions and iced tea, which in the south is called sweet tea!. The accompaniments for the fish and hush puppies are tartare sauce and ketchup!. That's about it!. As a side note, we usually have our fish fries outdoors!. Dessert has always been some very cold watermelon!.

It doesn't get any better![email protected]@Com

coleslaw, green beans, potato salad or chips (thick fried potatoes)!. And let's not forget Hush Puppies and cornbread!.[email protected]@Com

fried potatoes with green pepper and onion, biscuits and salad[email protected]@Com

French fries!.!. I like them crispy!. If I am making the fried fish myself, then I make home made potato chips with salt & pepper on them!.[email protected]@Com

Tartar Sauce or vinegar, hushpuppies, french fries, and cole slaw![email protected]@Com


Mashed Potatoes



Salad[email protected]@Com

Homemade french fries
Glazed carrots
Coleslaw[email protected]@Com

Shoyu and chili pepper water on the fish and some fresh poi!.[email protected]@Com

you can eat rice or cous cous or potato!. anything you want :) [email protected]@Com

deep fried potato's!.[email protected]@Com

Cole slaw and cornbread -- delicious!.!.!.!.[email protected]@Com

Chips! (Deep fried potatoes)[email protected]@Com

fries chips or salad
sometimes i serve it on top of pasta and clam sauce[email protected]@Com

macaroni and cheese or potato salad[email protected]@Com

Tartar sauce!. With some corn on the cob!. maybe corn bread too!.[email protected]@Com

spaghetti[email protected]@Com

any kind of vegetables[email protected]@Com

Chips, tartare sauce and mushy peas!.[email protected]@Com

Rice!.[email protected]@Com


Cheers[email protected]@Com

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