Can you make "au jus" using instant beef bullion cubes?How?!

Question: Can you make "au jus" using instant beef bullion cubes!?How!?
I want to make a French Dip sandwich and dip it into au jus!. I've never made it before!.[email protected]@Com

You could make it with the beef bouillon cubes!. Add 2 cubes to one cup of water, add the water to the pan you cooked the beef in!. Let it boil and stir all the stickings from the pan (the drippings and anything that stuck to the pan!.)!. "Au Jus" just means "The Juice" so really it's just the juice of the meat you are cooking but that can tend to be pretty fattening so I'd add the water and the bouillon cubes myself!.[email protected]@Com


Make two cups of boullion with three cubes!.
Mix into one cup water: 1 teaspoon instant coffee, a dash of nutmeg, a little pepper and 1 tablespoon cornstarch!.

bring the boullion to a boil and slowly stir in the 'seasoned coffee'

simmer while stirring until it starts to thicken slightly!.

very good![email protected]@Com

yes you can make it with bullion cubes, but we consider that bourgeois

take some beef consume!. add one half of a pack of knor leek soup mix
boil it out!. then add!. one table spoon of corn starch!. a touch of soya sauce then get it on french dip for a king, please dont tell any one about my secret recipe!. hjehehehe!.[email protected]@Com

Note sure this would work - but i'd try making about 3 cups according to bouillon directions (maybe plus 1 extra cube) and just reduce it down as far as possible by simmering!. Maybe reduce it to 1/2 or 1/3 the original volume!? Good luck!.!.!.At least bouillon's cheap if if doesn't work quite right !.!.!.:)
Yummm - yours sounds much better than my idea t-bone! I'll have to try it one of these days!.!.!. Nothin better than a good, lean french dip :-)[email protected]@Com

It will probably be pretty salty and not very complex since there is no good fat from the roast beef in it!. I wouldn't cook it down, but just make the bullion!. If you have a good quality bullion, it should be ok!.[email protected]@Com

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