Whats the difference between ground round, ground sirloin, ground chuck etc. Which ones the best?!

Question: Whats the difference between ground round, ground sirloin, ground chuck etc!. Which ones the best!?
I have had gross hamburger meat & very good hamburger meat depending on the stores!. I want to buy seomt hats perfect no fatty grissly or have arteries or anything else in it, which I have seen in some hamburger meat since I moved here to NC!. Please help Thanks![email protected]@Com

I usually try to get ground round or ground sirloin!. They sometimes can be a bit dry because of the fat content!. Ground chuck is good, too!. Try to stay away from plain old ground beef cause that has the most fat in it!. The package of meat should have the meat to fat ratio on it!. I think ground chuck is 85/15!. I can't remember if it is the round or sirloin that is like 95/5 which is pretty low in fat!.[email protected]@Com

Just stay away from "ground beef" with no cut listed on it!. That is made from trimmings and otherwise unusable parts of the cow!. The round comes from the shoulder, the chuck comes from the top of the leg and the sirloin from the back!.

Each has their own plusses and minuses but once you know it's not just "ground meat" you will get a much better product!.[email protected]@Com

round, sirloin and chuck are different part of the beef!.!.!. Between the 3, Sirloin is the better part, chuck is just disgusting (with arteries and a lot of fat)!.!.

Hope it helped you![email protected]@Com

The amount of fat in the burger!. Usually the highter price hamburger has less fat and a better taste!. [email protected]@Com

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