Why do lobsters and crab have to still be alive when you cook them?!

Question: Why do lobsters and crab have to still be alive when you cook them!?
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They have an internal enzyme that destroys the meat when they die!. If you've ever gotten a lobster in a restaurant and the meat was soggy and watery, the lobster was either dead or nearly dead when it was cooked!. Any shellfish has to be allive when it is cooked or you are asking for trouble!.!.!.[email protected]@Com

It's not necessary!. But lobsters and crabs can't feel the pain!. I think it has something to do with the fact that they have exo-skeletons!. You never see people throw live fish or live chickens in boiling water -- that would be an animal rights crime!.

For lobsters, I know you can also stab a lobster through its head, before you cook it!. So technically it's not alive when you cook it!.[email protected]@Com

I don't know if this is true for crab, but with lobster when they die the body immediately starts breaking down the internal organs, like the gallbladder and liver, and the toxins contained in those organs spread to the meat of the lobster making it disgusting at best and poisonous at worst!. [email protected]@Com

They have some kind of self-destruct mechanism in them so that once they are dead they decompose in a matter of an hour or so!. If you eat one that has been dead too long it will taste like ammonia!. They can be frozen uncooked since we get uncooked soft shell crabs that way in restaurants!.[email protected]@Com

Because that's the sign they're fresh!.If they give you them dead how do you know if it's fresh sea food,can make you sick if it sits around a long time!.[email protected]@Com

Something about once they are dead their guts get nasty fast and make the crab or lobster no good!.[email protected]@Com

try going to foodnetwork!.tv they may have that answer!.[email protected]@Com

They don't!. [email protected]@Com

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