Why does the middle of a cake rise more than the rest of the cake?!

Question: Why does the middle of a cake rise more than the rest of the cake!?
also, is there any way to make the cake rise fairly evenly, not just in the centre!?[email protected]@Com

What a great question! You should be talking to a pastry chef!. Or you may want to buy the cookbook "The Cake Bible" which deals with the intricacies of baking cakes!.

Anyway, I think some of the other answers are right, your oven temp may be too hot!. That heats up the sides of the pan and "cooks" it before the chemical reaction that causes rising has a chance to take place!. For even cooking do not use a dark or teflon pan!.

But truly-- cake bakers (I have baked many a fancy cake, but I am not an expert) have a quick and dirty trick where you just slice off the part of the cake that has risen farther than the edges!. If you brush the "open" part of the cake with melted apricot jam it will seal the cake and you can do as you please as far as layering and decorating!.

Good luck![email protected]@Com

The center rises more because the sides set first!. The sides get hotter so the cake bakes from the outside in!.
If you want to minimize the rise in the center take a cloth, cut to a length that will fit around the cake pan (wrapped around the outside!.) -cut one for each pan- dampen the cloth and wrap in aluminum foil and wrap around the cake pan!. This will temper the heat so it will be more gentle on the outside of the cake minimizing the rise!. By the way they do sell this product in stores!.
But all cakes will rise and you will have the dome shape!. If you want a more professional looking cake lop off the top with a long knife!. Do that to both cakes and for the top layer place the top facing down so you have a very flat surface to ice and decorate!.
By the way the bits you cut off, either nibble on them yourself or save to make a nice little trifle!.[email protected]@Com

the rim of the cake is getting hotter, allowing the gas cells at the edges to burst and releasing the leavening gases, making the cake rise lower at the edges, lower your baking temperature and use a thermoteter once the cake turns golden!. make sure you bake in the center rack of the oven and that your oven is the rigth size of the cake being baked!.[email protected]@Com

hello i started making cakes 50 years ago !.
funny to think that it still seems like yesterday and after winning a cake competition called mcdonalds cake compertition at 7 yrs old it sent me into catering management and the opening of hotels !.
cakes rise more in the centre as the heat is concentrating to the centre to avoid it raising in the centre scoop out the centre and push to the side of the tin !.
I used to cook cakes in a carboard box yes its true and wrap with greaseproof paper[email protected]@Com

I always drop my cake pans on the counter right before putting into the oven (from a height of a few inches)!. This evens the batter out in the pan!.

Been cooking since my Navy days back in the 1960's and have never had a problem using this method!.[email protected]@Com

Too hot, basically!.

The oven will focus the heat to the middle, whist it browns the ousides!.
A long bake at a much lower temperature is the answer!.[email protected]@Com

yeah, lower oven temp!. 50 degrees or so!. you can also just trim off the dome!. make sure the batter is spread out well to the edges of your pan!.[email protected]@Com

The outer edges set up (cook) quicker and do not get to rise as much as the slower cooking center!.[email protected]@Com

your oven is too hot!.[email protected]@Com

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