How long can i keep my defrosted tilapia in the fridge for?!

Question: How long can i keep my defrosted tilapia in the fridge for!?
well i defrosted some tilapia today to cook them for dinner, but i smelled some grilling steaks from my neighbor and that totally changed my plans for dinner!. so should i throw away the tilapias if i don't cook them tonight!. can they still be good for tomorrow!? if not then i will have to eat them tonight!.
they are tilapia loins each one wrapped in a sealed bag!.
thanks[email protected]@Com

Fish is very delicate so it is recommended that it not remain uncooked/unthawed for more than 3 days stored in the coldest part of your refridgerator!.

Even fish mongers will recommend fresh fish last no more than 3 days!.[email protected]@Com

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