What kind of frosting should i use for a gingerbread house?!

Question: What kind of frosting should i use for a gingerbread house!?
is there any pre-made icing that i could just buy to do this!? i know royal icing would be the best, but i don't have a mixer at home to beat the egg whites or anything like that!. i was thinking i could use just the pre packaged icing, but i don't know if it would hold good enough!. I was planning on making gingerbread, well more like graham cracker houses for these kids, and just having them decorate them!. i really don't want them to fall apart on them!. so any suggestions on what icing i can use besides royal, is there anyway i can buy royal icing!? thank you!.[email protected]@Com

Just plain white vanilla!. Try buying those spray nozzle cans!. I decorate gingerbread houses every year and my grandma buys those!. They usually come with different types of nozzles to!. Easy to use and taste good!.[email protected]@Com

The only thing you need is a few tablespoons of heavy cream and powdered sugar!. Any icing with fat in it will be spreadable, which is bad for use as a glue!.

I make mine in a cup and just keep adding about 1/4 powdered sugar to the mix until it is stiff!. It takes A LOT of powdered sugar to make it stiff!. Put it in the microwave when it starts to thicken for about 30 seconds then add in more!.

I think it would be fun to use a new $3 hot glue gun and the old fashioned candy sticks for glue sticks!. I bet it will work!.[email protected]@Com

you can royal icing in craft stores or even walmart!. it's usually where all the 'cooking' crafts are located (like cookie cutters, etc!.)

regular frosting is not strong enough (usless you're just using it for decoration)!. royal icing hardes like concrete almost!. that's why it's used to hold the house together!.[email protected]@Com

go to a walgreens if they have one in your area
then go to the dessert isle and there should be a pre-made icing that resenbles royal if they still hav it
also if i were you i would get some gumdrops and use them to accent the house
it made my cousins real happy[email protected]@Com

I hate gingerbread houses!!![email protected]@Com

The canned store-bought frostings would work well (not whipped)!. They're thick and get hard quickly[email protected]@Com

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I luv ginger bread but it is summer what are you doing making one anyway u should totally use cream chese yum yum[email protected]@Com

It has to be white icing!. So any flavor that is white or light beige will do!.[email protected]@Com

use chocolate or vanilla[email protected]@Com

Powered sugar and a drop or two of milk and or food coloring if you want to color it DO NOT ADD Both without mixing it after adding the color the a drop of water if you need it and I'M NOT KIDDING a DROP :) and Have fun it will harden in a couple hours it will harden not like the crud in the stores that stays soft it will be like candy Buttons type of candy and you could add flavor with the color and have it be a mint or butter cream tasting type of glue/candy :) use the Oil flavors they work the best[email protected]@Com

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