Do you put the sugar sprinkles on the cookie before or after you bake it?!

Question: I haven't done this since I was a kid and the "sprinkling" memory is hazy. Thanks!

Answers: I haven't done this since I was a kid and the "sprinkling" memory is hazy. Thanks!

You can actually do it both ways.
To do it before you bake you can just sprinkle it on but I find they tend to roll off as the cookies rise. To make them stick better you can make an egg wash, egg white thinned with water, and brush a very thin coat on the cookie with a pastry or BBQ brush, not enough to really make it wet, then sprinkle. ONLY DO THIS BEFORE YOU BAKE!

To do it after baking I use icing. Royal icing thinned with water is great just be sure to add some sort of flavoring.
You can ice the cookie and sprinkle. Another way is to let the icing dry and outline the cookie or add dots or lines or squiggles. Then the sprinkles will only stick to the new icing. To do this you would put the thinned icing into one corner of a baggie and tie with sting, Push the icing away from the corner and snip the end. Remember the larger the hole the fatter the line of icing.

If you use the icing technique check out the food network or go to for some really cool cookie photos. also has so good photos.


Befor, so they cook into the cookie.

Before and they will stick otherwise you have to frost them and add the sprinkles.

Hey there! Well... I've always put them on prior 2 baking cuz that way they actually bake into the cookie instead of just hanging out on top. Less mess this way also.

Put them on before unless you plan to frost the cookies and then sprinkle them.

after it will cause the spinkles to mess up

in the middle of the process. if you bake the cookies for twelve minutes put it in like about 6 minutes.



If you aren't applying an icing to the cookie after baking.....apply the sugar before baking. If you are icing the cookies....the sugar gets sprinkled on top of the icing after cooled.

I usually put the sprinkles on before i bake them. Unless you frost them then wait until you do that...

Since you're doing sugar sprinkles, you'd want to do it before you bake, so that the sugar sticks to the cookie and bakes into it. Don't worry, the sugar won't burn. If you were to try to put it on after you baked it, it wouldn't stick unless you iced the cookie. If you are you change your mind and put icing on the cookies, just make sure that you wait for them to cool off, unless your icing will melt off!

Before, so they can adhere to the top of the cookie,if you do it after, they will fall off. . .I do it with my cookies all the time and they turn out great. Also when my cookies all for sugar on the top, I dip the bottom of a glass in colored sugars and press the cookie down with the bottom of the glass, thus decorating each one as I go. . .

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