How many drinks a day would be considered an alcoholic?!


How many drinks a day would be considered an alcoholic?

My brother drinks a lot. I guess he's an alcoholic, but what is the exact criteria to define alcoholic? How many drinks per day? Thanks

I think its more of a if you need it every day. I mean its like saying how many random people do I have to sleep with before I am considered a ****, its a matter of opinion.

If he neeeeeds it everyday, then it has become an addiction.

has nothing to do with drinks per day. it has to do with it affecting his liferstyle.

If they get drunk on a regular basis or cant make it through the day without a drink I'd say they are an alcoholic

anything over the daily rec

Any number over 45 12 oz drinks would qualify

if you drink every day, get help!

i would only consider someone who drinks them selves drunk every night an alcoholic... but i think its a personal feeling.

when a person drinks too much all the time

I don't think there is a number. I would say be careful if you can't remember when you haven't gone more than 3 or 4 days without a tipple!

5 bottles of Smirnoff Raw Tea.

How much first of all??? so my guess would it be 4 a day...

it not the amount its the fact that he has to drink cant go a few days without a drink.

there is NO defined drinks in a day makes you a drunk..

People who are dependant upon the drink, cannot function properly without it... etc... That is the ONLY thing they can say about people who are alcholic's... -shrugs-

Good Luck with that...

its not so much how much you drink that determines if your an alcoholic or not its how and why you drink. if he drinks to forget about his problems and tends to rely on alcohol and seems he won't function without it he probably is

Being an alcoholic is not measured in drinks per day, it's measured in how much alcohol affects your life in a negative way.

Someone who may binge drink once a week, could be considered an alcoholic, just as someone who may drink 6 per day.

There is no number to define an alcoholic...if you cannot cope after just ONE, you have a problem.

There is no exact number of drinks to be an alcoholic. It's more of a behavior than how much per day. If you can drink a few beers and then stop, your not an alcoholic, but if you start drinking, and can't bring yourself to stop, then your an alcoholic. So as long as you maintain control of it, it doesn't really matter how many.

Alcoholics don't usually keep count. If he wakes up in the morning and the first thing he does is have a drink... I'd be concerned. There isn't really a set limit. You should use your own judgement. If you feel your brother needs help, then he probably does. Good luck.

an alcholic is defined by when a person doesn't do anything but drink from the time they get up to the time they go to sleep everyday

5 beers and over is considered binge drinking and doing that over three times a week is probably a safe assumption of alcoholism. Personally i believe your an alcoholic when it affects your job or if you rely on it for daily activities.

I think that having a glass of wine each night with dinner is not considered alcoholism, but having 3+ beers a day shows some dependency. If you or others constantly watch him to make sure he does not try and drive in his condition, and that happens often, I think he may need some help. Those are some alcoholic traits.

It's not the number of drinks, but the timing of them and the attitude toward them that would determine if he's an alcoholic.

If he wakes up in the morning and has a drink, he's probably an alcoholic. If he drinks before going to work, he's probably an alcoholic. If he says things like "I need a drink," then he's probably an alcoholic.

If he comes home from work and likes to have three or four drinks, that doesn't necessarily make him an alcoholic.

If he feels he NEEDS to drink, then he's an alcoholic, although I wouldn't call someone an alcoholic if he only drank one shot a day, or one glass of wine a day. If you love him, try to help him before it's too late and alcohol rules his life

if he can skip a day he is not an alcoholic

Bic is absolutely right. My Great Grandmother had a drink of wine every day for 80 years, it was her self administer Communion, wafer and a glass of wine. She was not an alcoholic by any means. An alcoholic can go days without a drink, then WHAM , one drink and they are on a roll until they hit bottom. The key is how the alcohol alters or controls their lifestyle.

As far as I know, there isn't really a set number of drinks that defines an alcoholic due to people having various alcohol tolerances. I would think of an alcoholic as a person who drinks more alcohol than s/he can sensibly handle and has become so addicted to it that they have withdrawal symtoms if they aren't able to drink. If you want in depth information on the subject go here:-

Both sites should have ample information and links to information for you. Hope that helps.

It doesn't work like that--counting drinks isn't going to help you to determine if he's an alcoholic.
Some people can have a few every day, and never become alcoholics, while others can just drink on Friday nights (working and going about their daily routine the rest of the time) and still be alcoholics.

It's in the genes--the addictive personality part. Some people also become alcoholics because of the way they were raised, and who their peers were. So it can be nature and/or nuture.

An alcoholic may:

-have blackouts (forget time chunks of what happened while drinking)
-need to keep drinking until it's time to sleep (pass out)
-drink morning, noon and night for extended periods of time
-have the "DTs" when not able to drink (shake, sometimes even seizures)

Do a web search on alcoholism and check out symptoms and treatments. Some go to AA, some go to therapy, some get a medication from their MD that will make them extremely sick if they drink with it, some keep drinking until they hit "rock bottom," and then seek help, if they have managed to stay alive.

If this person is drinking heavily and often, I would remind him that even if he doesn't consider himself an alcoholic, he is damaging his liver...and brain cells. Don't forget that some people have died from alcohol poisoning, as well.

In AA they define an alcoholic as someone who can't stop drinking once they start. The saying there goes that "one is too many, and a thousand is never enough." In other words, if you can have a couple of drinks and then stop, you're probably not an alcoholic. But if every time you have one drink you keep having more until you pass out or can't get anymore, you're probably an alcoholic. The main issue is control. If you can't control your drinking, you're probably an alcoholic.

You are only an acholic if you have to take classes for it

100 or more per day would be an alcoholic.

Anything less is safe.

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